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About Us

Creative Legacy is a group of baby-boomers with decades of experience in the business, education and service industry. While caring for our aging parents, we saw a serious gap in the types of social services and program activities available to elders, especially to those with the common limitations of aging. Now at a crossroads in our lives, we have come to realize the importance of serving seniors of all ages and abilities by offering the inspiring programs they deserve, to ultimately enhance quality of life, while at the same time, to create memories and legacies for their loved ones. Our activities are designed to be intelligent, meaningful, therapeutic, and a lot of fun, and they go far beyond what's readily available today. Creative Legacy coaches are fully trained to work with older adults in a respective and encouraging manor, and we are able to capture the essence of each individual we work with.

As people reach their golden years, we all deserve and should demand a life full of stimulation and continued growth, for as long as we are able! And these programs need to come to us at our own residences and community centers. Creative Legacy fills this growing need. We support the notion that "meaningful aging" has therapeutic value and may be key to optimistic attitudes and mental agility for older adults..

Meet Our Team

  • Robin Greisdoff Moore
    Founder, Program Director & Legacy Coach

    Robin has always been sentimental, creative and interested in family history since she was a child. After spending considerable time with the senior community, Robin was inspired to start Creative Legacy, an organization to help people find peace by tapping into their own creative flow. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from UMass and a post-graduate certificate in Human Resources Management from the Cornell School of Labor and Industrial Relations. Robin possesses decades of management experience at the VP level in Human Resources, Operations, Contract Administration and Marketing. She is active with the American Society on Aging, the MA Healthy Aging Collaborative, and is an adjunct member of the Society of Certified Senior Advisors. Robin can be reached at Robin Moore

  • Karen McQuail, Legacy Coach

    Karen is a natural when it comes to human relationships, especially with senior citizens. She has a sparkle in her eyes and her enthusiasm is quite contagious! Karen is passionate about helping those in need and has volunteered with the Family Service Coalition, Family Promise and Pearl Street cafe. She embraces her years in various capacities at a prominent airline, worked in New York in the apparel business, and continues her passion for engaging with people as a representative for a high-end design company. Karen holds a Bachelor of Science in Management from Providence College. She can be reached at Karen McQuail

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