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Poetry Writing

ImageThe Creative Legacy poetry writing program is geared toward older adults who would like to create interesting written work in one or more styles of poetry. This activity is for both beginners and for experienced poets.

Prior to starting, the coach and client will agree to goals and objectives. Sometimes, especially in group settings, the client might choose one or more desired poetry technique in advance, to meet the needs of the group. Some styles include limericks, haiku, sonnet, and prose. However, not all poems rhyme or fit into standard forms.

The session will define what poetry is and how it's different from other types of writing. We will learn about lines, stanzas, stressed syllables, rhyme schemes and sound effects. Then content is decided and the writing will begin!

Creative Legacy coaches are available to help every step of the way. We will jot down notes and play with words together. Several drafts may be written. In the end, we will create the perfect mix to express the writer's feelings and to reach their desired audience. This process naturally sharpens the senses, enhances the ability to cope, improves mood, and is a key initiator of creativity and social engagement.

Poetry can be expressed in a variety of media, including the traditional hand-written word, an electronic document, and even audio or video recordings. Artwork can be a great addition to finished documents as well. The beautiful (or sometimes silly) end result will truly be a legacy.

This program supports the "meaningful aging" philosophy that Creative Legacy was built upon.

If you are interested in this activity, please contact us and we will provide additional details.

Note: Creative Legacy offers a companion activity to the Poetry Writing program. It is called "Poetry Slamming". This is a fun-filled competition that initiates social interaction and comradery in a safe environment. Poetry writers earn points for reading or performing their poetry while entertaining the audience. Judges are assigned and influenced by applause and laughter.

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