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Senior Activity Centers

These days, it seems that every city is opening a Senior Activity Center where groups of mature adults can congregate and take part in wellness programs, educational classes and leisurely activities. The goal is to encourage elders to have a compelling reason to get out of the house for social engagement and inspiration. Local community centers are often funded by the city or state, who understand that it's in the best interest of their citizens, at any age, to experience growth, discovery, creativity and fellowship for overall health and well-being. A community center with significant participation is more apt to receive such funding, grants and philanthropy.

Although they often have limited staffing, senior centers do their best to provide a broad set of activities such as exercise, martial arts, dancing, card games and bingo for their members. When the room is full, they know they are achieving what they set out to do. However, people have many other interests and desires that continue into old age. With the senior population increasing year after year, the options available to them must evolve in order to keep up with the dynamics of this demographic. Senior Activities Centers are becoming increasingly aware of this, and are looking to Creative Legacy to fill the gaps in their programming.

Creative Legacy's add-on programs include memoir writing, journaling, flower arranging, planting, and even special paint-days for every level and ability. Custom activities and events are also popular amongst our Activity Center partners.

The Creative Legacy team is trained specifically to work with the elderly in a respectful, compassionate and patient manner, while bringing out the unique personality of each individual. With collaboration between Creative Legacy and our Activity Center partners, clients experience heightened self-esteem, better pain management and an overall positive outlook, before, during and after their time with us. They feel good when they leave the facility and are therefore more likely to refer a friend.

For more details, please reference our Programs page, and be sure to contact us to discover how Creative Legacy can enhance the offerings at your Senior Activity Center.

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