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Personal Biography

Image The Creative Legacy personal biography program is geared toward older adults who would like to write about their life with help from a trained, compassionate and trusted coach. No writing experience is necessary. Everyone has an interesting story to tell, often including a statement of their lessons for living. This life review experience is said to be great for health and well-being while it helps clients find meaning in their life. Writing an autobiography is a great way to share personal memoirs and advice with family and friends, and Creative Legacy provides the support to produce each unique story.

Prior to starting, the Creative Legacy coach and the client may agree to goals and objectives to help determine the frequency and length of the program in advance. Once we understand expectations, we will work with seniors to jot down notes and build structure to their own piece. An ongoing conversation will take place to complete the individual's life story, in various levels of detail over a period of time. Together we will discuss some amazing facts! This process naturally sharpens the senses, enhances the ability to cope, improves mood, and is a key initiator of creativity and social engagement.

A personal biography can be approached using a variety of methods, from traditional writing, to audio or video recording. Sometimes artwork is used to complement the information.

Creative Legacy makes this a rewarding and entertaining process, therefore each individual will be highly motivated to get to the finish-line. The end result will be treasured for generations to come.

Whether alone or in groups, clients benefit from regular visits in order to build their story thoughtfully, without haste. And, they return bright and chipper each time they resume their writing!

This Personal Biography activity complements our Ancestry offering and can be combined for a more in-depth family history.

This program supports the "meaningful aging" philosophy that Creative Legacy was built upon.

If you are interested in this activity, please contact us and we will provide additional details.

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