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Hospice and palliative care services have been provided to terminally ill patients for many years. As more and more hospice programs become available, their approach has appropriately become more holistic and multidisciplinary.

Hospice services usually include a team of doctors, nurses, social workers, chaplains and volunteers who collaborate on patient care. Their focus typically covers home care, medical care, emotional care and spiritual care. We find that only very special people hold these roles and we like to call them angels.

However, hospice employees cannot be everything to everyone, and hospice organizations understand that a broader variety of patient programs, above and beyond their provisions, will result in a higher quality of life and a feeling of control for their patients.

Creative Legacy was formed to redefine hospice by raising the bar on traditional hospice services, so patients can have a more fulfilling experience. Our programs are intelligent and inspirational, and they include personalized activities such as memoir writing or recording, painting, planting, scrapbooking and more. Patients tend to develop more energy, a positive outlook, improved pain management and a feeling of accomplishment when they take part.

Creative Legacy is popular as an add-on service by hospice providers. We are also brought in by patients' family members who want to see their loved ones spend the time they have with meaningful and reflective activities. It is a blessing for both the patients and their families. And, it distinguishes the hospice provider from the many others that are available today.

The Creative Legacy coaches assigned to hospice are trained to work in these situations with respect, compassion and patience. We have first-hand experience, and we form a close bond with our clients. Hospice tends to be one of the most rewarding markets for our team.

All Creative Legacy activities result in tangible treasures and memories that will be cherished for generations to come.

Please refer to our Programs page for descriptions of our offerings, and be sure to contact us to learn more.

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