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Image The Creative Legacy scrapbooking program is geared toward older adults who would like to produce a decorative album about life using various crafting techniques that include templates, special paper and interesting embellishments. To personalize the creation, we assist our clients by helping to add stories and descriptions to accompany the visuals. Scrapbooking is an activity that virtually every senior can take part in at various levels.

For this activity, the Creative Legacy coach brings all of the materials necessary to product a beautiful scrapbook, however the client is responsible for collecting and bringing with them any photographs, letters, cards and memorabilia that they have, or that they can collect from family and friends.

Each scrapbook can be devoted to a specific theme such as childhood memories, school life, military experience, dating, marriage, children and even abstract feelings. It can focus on a specific decade or even an entire lifetime. This method of recording history is simple and visual, and is a great addition or alternative to the Personal Biography and Ancestry programs.

During this activity, Creative Legacy provides an optimal sensory environment that is comforting, and at the same time, stimulates memory, resulting in a historical and creative story told in a more visual form.

Whether alone or in groups, clients often enjoy several scrapbooking sessions in order to create a more comprehensive album over a period of time.

This program supports the "meaningful aging" philosophy that Creative Legacy was built upon.

If you are interested in this activity, please contact us and we will provide additional details.

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