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ImageThe Creative Legacy journaling program is geared toward older adults who would like to write or speak on a regular basis in order to create a personal diary that can be shared with family or retained for self-reflection. This activity is for both beginners and experienced writers.

During the journaling sessions (and in between) seniors keep an ongoing record of their thoughts, experiences and observations as a celebration of life. Although there are no rules about how to keep a journal, using a thematic approach is a great way to start. Prompts from the Creative Legacy coach inspire individuals to explore topics such as friendships, family, loyalty, eras of life, heroism, and even struggle. We often focus on a theme for an extended period (a couple of weeks, or perhaps a month) which allows writers to review their entries and reflect on what they have learned about themselves and their life, resulting in personal growth and spirituality. This process naturally sharpens the senses, enhances the ability to cope, improves mood, and is a key initiator of creativity and social engagement. Through journaling, writers observe their world with great richness and understanding.

Attendees are coached by educated and trusted facilitators who provide an optimal sensory environment that is comforting, and at the same time, stimulates memory, resulting in a personal treasure.

Whether alone or in groups, clients often enjoy several journaling sessions within a set period, or on a regular basis so they can create a more comprehensive journal over time. And, they return bright and chipper each time they resume their writing!

This program supports the "meaningful aging" philosophy that Creative Legacy was built upon.

If you are interested in this activity, please contact us and we will provide additional details.

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